Electronic tax returns in Hungary

adóbevallásBusinesses must file tax and national insurance returns and provide tax-related data electronically.

In addition to this, every taxpayer has the opportunity to handle tax affairs electronically. Taxpayers may therefore fulfil beyond their filing and data supply obligations also their reporting obligation and obligation to record any changes electronically. In addition to this, every taxpayer has the opportunity to view his own tax account, and to download the recorded data.

All this is done via the Client Gateway on the Government Portal: www.magyarorszag.hu

The Client Gateway is an access point through which taxpayers can safely connect to public administration bodies and public institutions using personal identification. It is necessary to register in order to create a personal client gateway.

Registration may be done by the taxpayer himself, that is to say a legal person, or, in the case of a company without legal personality, by its representative.

The registration can be performed in any notary’s office, government client office, tax authority client office or the foreign representation of Hungary. If the taxpayer has an appropriate electronic signature, he may also register on-line and need not visit the office of records.

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