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Our partners

Simon Ágota

Ágota Simon, director

Ágota earned her master’s degree from the University of Economic Sciences and then graduated as a qualified accountant. She speaks Hungarian, English and German. She gained her experiences with different accounting firms as a senior accountant and as a head of accounting team.

She has broad experience in accounting, vat, international vat, corporate tax, payroll, tax residency and double tax avoidance treaties, and implementation of accounting systems.

Horváth László

László Horváth, non-executive advisor

László has more than 20 years of experience in accounting and auditing.

He’s a registered auditor and member of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors, and has gained his experiences with an international audit firm in Hungary and abroad. As a financial director, he actively participated in the work of the top management at numerous companies.

He has experience in audit, accounting, tax advisory, international transactional taxes, company reviews, and implementation of international reporting systems.

He currently holds a non-executive position.


Our vision

We believe in excellent business solutions from which our clients will benefit the most. Therefore we are dedicated to focusing on understanding our clients and delivering our services proactively that responds to their business situation.

We’ve worked in the accounting industry for 20 years, and we’re proud of our talented team who are affectionate to do their best to create great service.

You can always count on us as a reliable partner, we always support you in making your decisions.

Our principle is to provide high-standard services for our clients. By transferring our accumulated knowledge in our profession we allow our clients’ decision-makers to bring the right decisions, which will support them in reaching their goals. We support our clients with the information needed in the most appropriate format and channel.

Besides it is crucial for us to stand by our clients as a reliable business partner.

We always give our clients the best of our knowledge without exception.

We do our work reliably, responsibly, and precisely. We look into each question carefully and call our clients’ attention to possible risks. We keep your books accurately, precisely, and prepare all required documents or collect those needed.

We are flexible, there are no limits. When and where shall we meet, with who and on what channel shall we communicate, when would you like us to be ready.

We understand your problems. We listen to you, pay attention, and answer your queries. You can always turn to us with confidence.

We are patient and willing to explain. We know that you are in a decision-making situation, in which you need our support, so we can discuss your queries in detail, and we will offer you alternatives. You will know and understand the accounting and tax risks coming from your business decisions.

In our communication, you will realize that you understand what we say. We speak your language.

In the frame of auditing, we insist on providing top quality service, because we know that our audit report is one of the pillars of trust in your business relations.