Accounting for newly formed company

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Forming a new company is a big decision! You are an expert in what you will do, and we will add our secure knowledge for the administrative background.

If you are thinking about grounding a new enterprise in Budapest (Hungary), or have questions, we will help you in company forming!

You needn’t know the rules of company formation and taxation, you may leave those to us. You will learn what you need to be able to safely start up your business.

In accounting we are up-to-date and precise. We know that the accountant musnt’n make mistakes, and we are serious in this! We also know that a accounting for newly formed company needs even more attention, and so you may turn to us at anytime with any questions. We understand that the first period is the most difficult, when the company must enter the market, look for customers and supplyers. In this period the financial situation is vulnerable, all the invoices must be paid from your hard earned savings . Therefore we help your new business with fair fees.

Here are some questions that might have already occurred to you:

  • What form should be chosen? “Kft” or “Bt”? What is a limited liability company?
  • Who should be the general manager?
  • Should there be a possibility to additional capital contribution?
  • Should all the initial capital be placed into share capital, or should some part be placed in capital reserve?
  • What is the amount of minimum capital?
  • How much taxes and social contributions shall be paid monthly?
  • What are the possibilities for registering VAT?
  • Can the company be registered for paying tax under “Kata” or “Eva”?

Contact us well before setting up your company.

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