Newly formed companies

  • consultation before company establishment
  • choosing proper company form
  • information on expectable taxes and payables
  • connection with lawyer offices
  • fair prices


  • more than 20 years experience
  • tax-saving thinking
  • client oriented view
  • up-to-date information
  • high qulification
  • reliability and accuracy
  • personalized service
  • counseling and advisory
  • contract and own client-gate
  • reasonable pricing


  • international experience and methodology
  • business process understanding based work
  • risk based approach
  • continuous contact with the management
  • audit in accordance with Hungarian accounting standards
  • audit of transformations
  • auditing in-kind-contribution valuation
  • audit of residential communities

Tax services

  • tax returns
  • VAT registration for foreign companies
  • tax counselling
  • elaborate tax structures
  • tax risk considerations


  • payslips
  • wages and in-kind payment calculation
  • declaration of entering employees
  • declaration of payroll taxes
  • income certificates
  • personal income tax return preparation
  • double taxation consultation

“We’re looking forwards and we are happy with the services and advise you have provided. “


“Hi Laszlo, Thanks for your great help.”


“Thank you so much for this, you are the best”


“Hi Laszlo, Thanks a lot 🙂 This would defienetly help me! Have a nice day too.”


“Thank you very much for your help and effort to let me understand everthing. Sorry for taking your time that much.. Now I am really happy to confirm your figures. “


“Members of the Board appreciated the permanently high quality and reliable work of the main accountant “

EAF Board of Directors

“I appreciate your sincerity and see that you are a serious professional.”

Jose Luis

“I can get excited by the fact I have your team behind me !!! Thanks for all your support !! .”


Accounting and Auditing

Budapest, Hungary