Payroll services

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I don’t want to hassle with the overcomplicated payroll calculation!

Payroll is a hard nut to crack, leave it on professionals. We are dedicated to taking over your payroll related tasks, and support your company as a precise, accurate and reliable partner.

  • managing entering and leaving employee tasks,
  • keeping personal records
  • regular or ad-hoc payrolls
  • payslips and other reports
  • notification about payable taxes
  • preparation and submission of monthly payroll tax returns
  • issuing employer certifications,
  • issuing salary reports for income tax returns
  • providing payroll information.

If you need we can help you with working out and implementing cafeteria system.

Did you know…?

Did you know that wages and salaries can be paid in several titles? You can pay wage under ownership title, employment, or service agreement. It can be paid for full-time job or part-time job. The payroll calculation is further influenced by the credits the employee is eligible, is he entitled for family credit for example or credit after private insurance.

Besides cash payment, the employer may give fringe benefits too, such as commuting reimbursement, providing catering possibilities, school support, pension and health fund contribution, and so on.

And did you know that all are taxed differently?

A not properly and carefully selected remuneration system may result in unnecessarily excessive tax payment.

Moreover to this, the diversity of this area makes HR administration more difficult, from employment contracts, job descriptiontól, and the entry process of the employee, through monthly working hour records and sick leave reporting, holiday administration, to wage records and exit papers.

Engage us with your payroll calculation and related cafeteria counselling.

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