Accounting outsourcing

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In many cases it is worth utilizing accounting oursourcing service than hiring a permament employee, paying his payroll taxes, and paying attention to annual holidays, taking care of substitutions for sick leave, or keep in mind employee rights.

Accounting outsourcing in Budapest and Hungary is not unusual at all among micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. If you decide on outsourcing, and select your partner carefully, then you will receive professional and accountable solution for the outsourced activities. In outsourcing the operations and responsibilities will shift towards the service provider.

The legal background of accounting changes often in Hungary, thus the main objective and task of the accountants is to provide up-to-date information, which requires high qualification, and maintanence of expertise, visiting trainings, and following news and events. Hiring an accountant as employee generally expensive, and needs a lot of time to find and train the proper applicant, furthermore regular professional trainings are costy.

Accounting outsourcing is increasingly popular service among companies, since it will take the burden off your company, and you will be able to concentrate on the business.

You don’t have to hire an accountant employee, will save its salary expense, and don’t need to deal with his training.

Our company offers accointing outsourcing in Budapest.


What benefits will you get from accounting outsourcing?

  • Expenses of accounting outsourcing is predictable
  • You will get a highly qualified and experienced expert
  • You don’t have to employ a full-time accountant
  • We will improve management reports
  • You will be able to achieve better financial management
  • You can develop more effective controls over expenses and incomes
  • We deal with trainings, and you save the cost of these
  • We make the internal procedures more effective
  • We will provide fast and professional service to cover your accounting tasks
  • You will get transparent information on problems occured, and at the same time we will supply recommendations for the solution
  • You get standard quality service over the times
  • You will be supplyed with strong support and on-site counseling, without any further fees
  • You get help in elaborating your business transactions
  • Contiunuous information will be given on changes in the legislation of financial administration (ie. changes in vat or invoicing regulations)
  • Continuous contact and daily communication
  • Accounting still at your seat or office


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