Audit outsourcing

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Support to your audit engagements

Timing of audit is special. In the peak seasons of interim and year-end audit, the workload is high, and it is not uncommon that we face resource shortage.

With our audit outsourcing service we place our resources at your disposal to help your audit engagements, let it be the assistant, manager or partner role. In this way, you can serve your clients more efficiently

During the audit engagement, we will represent your company, will carry out all audit procedures as agreed with you previously, and we will communicate directly with you.


  • understanding the client
  • risk assessment
  • process tracking
  • walkthrough tests
  • materiality calculations
  • elaborating audit program


  • we provide hihgly qualified and experienced audit manager to coordinate the audit procedure
  • preparation of confirmation letters
  • processing returned confirmation letters, evaluations and reconsiliations
  • collecting audit evidences, evaluation, conclusions
  • following up open tasks
  • preparation of working papers and documentation
  • checking financial statements
  • collection and evaluation of unadjusted audit differences


  • reviewing the audit processes carried out
  • clearing off the documentation
  • collecting management letter points
  • assembling management letter
  • writing summary memos and memos

This service highly comlpies with the expectations of the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors and international standards!

High quality work, cleand and precise documentation!