AccountingBudapest: Doing business in Hungary 2014



Doing business in Hungary

AccountingBudapest has published Doing business in Hungary 2014 booklet.

The objective of Doing Business in Hungary 2014 is to provide guidance on the business environment in Hungary for those decision-makers who are interested in engaging in business activity in Hungary.

The publication focuses on the general overview, like currency, climate, cost of living, bankink, and safety and security guidance, followed by broad outlook on the current economical situation. You will learn from our booklet what business organisations are allowed in the Hungarian company law, what are the criteria to estblish a particular company, what are the minimum share capital requirements, and what is the procedure to form a company.

This publication also deals with the taxation system of Hungary, and gives detailed guidance on corporate tax, tax deductibles and tax incentives in Hungary, value added tax system, personal income tax. A brief guidence will also be found about small business tax, small taxpayers’ itemized lump sum tax, employment taxation, local business tax, innovation contribution, company car tax, withholding tax, and finally tax penalties.